Another “Thank You, Erin,” Blog – Or The Effect of Your Behavior on the Dress You’re Wearing

From the author of my favorite website,, by Erin McKean, who has compiled a book of her wonderful blog posts entitled, The Secret Lives of Dresses.… “Crying!  That’s one of the worst things you can do in a dress, you know.  Every time you cry in a dress you grind sadness right into it, deep […]

Oh Happy Day!

Anybody out there want to learn how to free-motion quilt?  Anyone interested in knowing how to actually manuever fabric through your machine to make beautiful, lush designs?  Oh Happy Day!……Literally. I’ve fallen in love with Leah Day and her Daystyledesigns.  This young woman has given me all the tools (except more time) to become a good […]

My Favorite “Other” Blog

I f you remember the dress you wore on a date twenty years ago…. If you can recall with painful clarity the outfit you had on when your life changed…. If you thumb through magazines analyzing the current fashion statements, then you will love the “Dress A Day” website at   This sassy little blog […]