How My Getting Older Affects My Dress Dummy

When I noticed that my sewing was fitting me like a sausage casing, I took the brave move of re-measuring myself.   In my underwear, with no one to see me but the walls, I cringed as the tape wrapped around me. In the last three years, I gained 3 inches in my middle.  Even though I’m no mathematician, […]

Another “Thank You, Erin,” Blog – Or The Effect of Your Behavior on the Dress You’re Wearing

From the author of my favorite website,, by Erin McKean, who has compiled a book of her wonderful blog posts entitled, The Secret Lives of Dresses.… “Crying!  That’s one of the worst things you can do in a dress, you know.  Every time you cry in a dress you grind sadness right into it, deep […]

Oh Happy Day!

Anybody out there want to learn how to free-motion quilt?  Anyone interested in knowing how to actually manuever fabric through your machine to make beautiful, lush designs?  Oh Happy Day!……Literally. I’ve fallen in love with Leah Day and her Daystyledesigns.  This young woman has given me all the tools (except more time) to become a good […]

Why Turquoise Works for Me: Or Skinny-Dipping in the Aegean Sea

It’s true.  I’ve been skinny-dipping in the Aegean Sea….well, almost skinny-dipping.  Two friends and I were swimming far, far out from the shore on a trip through Europe.  The water was a clear, brilliant turquoise. Something came over us, and in contagious wave of uninhibited glee, we all took off our swimsuit bottoms and waved them wildly […]

The Joy of Slow Sewing: Why It’s Okay to be a Tortoise

Anyone who knows me knows that I am anything but “quick.”  I am a natural “plodder,” willing to work long and hard, but totally unable to do anything fast. (With the amazing and unbelievable exception of me agreeing to marry Bill after dating him eleven days, I’ve never been able to hurry into anything.)   So imagine […]

A Seamstress’ Bird of Paradise: The Antique Sewing Bird

When you’re on your honeymoon,you might be thinking of the birds and the bees, right?  Well, the birds at least, took on a whole new meaning when Bill and I were traveling in New England on a honeymoon trip.  In a lovely old antique store, under the rosy-colored glow that only a honeymoon can bring, I fell in […]

The Power of Metallic Buttons

I bet you didn’t know that the first uniformed police force in New York city was established in 1844.   Because the uniforms sported large copper buttons, the police became known as “coppers” or “cops.”  (The Button Book by Diana Epstein.)   Who knew the power of buttons could be so great?  And if you want to […]

My Favorite “Other” Blog

I f you remember the dress you wore on a date twenty years ago…. If you can recall with painful clarity the outfit you had on when your life changed…. If you thumb through magazines analyzing the current fashion statements, then you will love the “Dress A Day” website at   This sassy little blog […]