Sometimes natural. Sometimes nurtured. Always a blessing.

Creativity Rocks!

Do It With Denim!

You can widen the range of your projects with denim…. and the new denims are more versatile than the dungaree material of old.  Check out the new Crossroads Denims in a large variety of colors. Pillows with texture, ottomans, jackets, purses, skirts….so many possibilities with this almost indestructible, but pretty fabric. The patterns for the […]

The Colors that Draw You….and Digital Doodling

I don’t know why it is.  I’ve never read any scientific explanation or heard anyone theorize about the peculiar magnetism of certain colors to certain people, but it is a fact.  For some unknown reason,, specific colors appeal to different individuals. When you go shopping, do you always look at garments in a particular color? […]

Sometimes a quilt just makes you go, “aaahhhh.”

I found this picture on Pinterest of a quilt titled “Perseus Saving Andromeda.”  I have never met the artist, Marilyn Bedford of New York, but I am sure that she is a Sewing Super Star. Okay, maybe I adore this quilt because as a child I was irreversibly influenced by Bilbo Baggins, hobbit-lore, and the fight […]

The Whole Story: Why It’s Not Always About Piecing

Think about that big piece of purple floral sitting in your stash. How about that really wild geometric you bought just because you loved it?  Remember that Asian panel, that Kaffe Fasset print, or that one piece you couldn’t resist but have no idea how to use now that you’ve brought it home. Get the […]