How to Make a Hankie Quilt Happy

Look at this fabulous handkerchief quilt by my friend, Debbie.  I love this quilt, not just because she was so inventive in her placement of handkerchiefs,  but because of the  beautiful, intricate handwork and embellishments. First, her arrangement of the hankies was done by cutting corners (in a good way!) and then placing multiple corners […]

The “Hand-Me-Down” and Hand Sewing

My daughter is now  almost 28 years old, but she had given me one of her old sweaters from her early college days. I loved the color,  and it was a really nice weight, so eight years later, I was still holding onto it.  Taking my trusty, sharp Gingher scissors, I fearlessly cut off the hoodie. (What did […]

What Hand Sewing Can Do for a Raggedy Old Quilt

One of the best seamstresses I know says that doing anything “by hand,” makes “hand” a four letter word. When we mention any project that might involve stitching with old-fashioned needle and thread, she wrinkles her nose and shakes her head.  “If I can’t do it with my machine, why would I want to do […]