Karen Kay Buckley: Sewing Super Star

Up close and personal with a truly great teacher and quilter, Karen Kay Buckley: The “Perfect” Workshop.

Creativity Breeds Creativity

Being in a group of talented people can inspire you to reach new heights…..

Sometimes a quilt just makes you go, “aaahhhh.”

I found this picture on Pinterest of a quilt titled “Perseus Saving Andromeda.”  I have never met the artist, Marilyn Bedford of New York, but I am sure that she is a Sewing Super Star. Okay, maybe I adore this quilt because as a child I was irreversibly influenced by Bilbo Baggins, hobbit-lore, and the fight […]

Danny’s Tumbling Blocks in Civil War Finery

https://itseamstome.wordpress.com/wp-admin/link-manager.php All you Reproduction fabric fans may have to forgive this comment.. but I have always thought the Civil War fabrics were bland and boring by themselves.  But time after time, I’m bowled over by the beauty of the Reproduction fabrics when they are put together.  Together, they “sing.”  United, they soar.  Combined, they are […]

Erika’s Hobo Quilt

Check out Erika’s Hobo Quilt.  At Threads of Time, we’re always thrilled when someone brings in a finished project, and we have watched Erika’s fast and persistent progress on this quilt.  We think it’s fabulous. Debra G. Henninger’s book, Hobo Quilts, looks at the men who rode the rails during the depression and communicated with […]

Brian Haggard: A Creative Mind and the Power of Thread

Brian Haggard, a quilt artist, teacher, and lecturer extraordinaire is coming to Threads of Time in September to give a workshop, and we can’t wait!  You won’t want to either. When we first met Brian and his partner, Kevin, a few weeks ago, we formed an instant friendship. Lots of great ideas and funny stories were […]