“Pump It Up” with Pinterest

Being productive doesn’t always mean cutting and stitching. Sometimes being productive means feeding your creative fire….


Voila! It took longer than expected, but….

I did it in half-hour stints, but I certainly didn’t get to sew a half hour per day…more like a half hour a week.  Nonetheless… Here’s my fun, funky, re-purposed shirt. Notice that instead of using the cuffs as ties on the front as the Indygo Junction pattern suggests, I used them on the back.  […]

“A Half Hour or Sew”: Productivity for the Busy Seamstress

Anybody out there REALLY busy? Do you work long hours, have multiple responsibilities, and run like a madwoman to get things done? (Ever felt like Ophelia losing her grip, escaping into nature, singing nonsense songs, and laughing mindlessly at the chaos of everything around you?) Okay. I’m not quite that far gone, but one of my biggest regrets is that […]