Another “Thank You, Erin,” Blog – Or The Effect of Your Behavior on the Dress You’re Wearing

From the author of my favorite website,, by Erin McKean, who has compiled a book of her wonderful blog posts entitled, The Secret Lives of Dresses.…

“Crying!  That’s one of the worst things you can do in a dress, you know.  Every time you cry in a dress you grind sadness right into it, deep down into the fabric, and it never comes out.  Laughing in a dress – now that’s good.  The laughter lodges between the warp and welt in little bubbles, like champagne.  And kissing, kissing in a dress sets up a kind of vibration in the fabric that keeps wobbling there forever.   But crying, even the drip-drip, silent kind, that just grimes a dress up….”    The Secret Lives of Dresses, vol 6.

And of, the dresses and the lives that she depicts! Read more of this wonderful story  at

Makes you want to wear a dress today – something other than the constant, utilitarian jeans and black slacks.  Something that might care about the story of your life.



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