Saving the Selvages

When I was little, my Mother gave each one of the three Johnson daughters a special word which would help us with a character flaw. My special word was “patience,” a word meant to teach me that I couldn’t always have things as fast as I wanted, when I wanted. (Hum. I believe in previous […]

“Where It All Started. . . and Where It’s Led Me . . . .In Honor of National Quilting Day “

It was in the late seventies when I saw an article in a women’s magazine with a Schoolhouse Quilt Block.  I was young, studying to be a teacher and thought, “That would be a cute wallhanging, perfect for me since I’ll be making a career in education.” My creative urges were strong. Sadly, my skill […]

“What the heck?”

Lipstick as a necessary tool for sewing….

Who knew?

Sometimes natural. Sometimes nurtured. Always a blessing.

Creativity Rocks!

The Whole Story: Why It’s Not Always About Piecing

Think about that big piece of purple floral sitting in your stash. How about that really wild geometric you bought just because you loved it?  Remember that Asian panel, that Kaffe Fasset print, or that one piece you couldn’t resist but have no idea how to use now that you’ve brought it home. Get the […]

Why “American Made Brand” Fabric Matters

If you believe in the power of American manufacturing, American business, and the American workforce, you will want to purchase the  new solids from American Made Brand. Ted Hoffman, President of Clothworks, put the whole supply chain in motion, contracting with American farmers not to export their cotton, finding mills and dyers and wrappers that […]

Platter Potato Salad in a Sewing Blog!

I make no claims to being a great cook.  I’m a decent cook,  although definitely not a baker since I have a tendency to burn things.  However, I do love to entertain.  At the garden party at Threads of Time, people clamored for my potato salad recipe, which I got from a magazine a couple […]

Funky, fun, and not too serious…..

Ever feel like life is just too serious? That you want to laugh more? That art doesn’t have to be complicated? Check out this quilt displayed at Threads of Time in Danville, Illinois.  Titled “Funky Flock,” it was pieced by Mary Bird and taken from the book “Hot Flashes of Inspiration.” Isn’t it fun? If […]

Is your quilt laughing?

Is your quilt laughing?  Is it singing  loudly? Whispering, low and sultry or crying loudly for                   attention?   Last January, I was reading an editorial in American Quilter magazine.  Christine Brown, the author and quilt judge, declares that the most important feature of a quilt is its voice. I had cut out that article and underlined the phrase, thinking the whole […]

Military Heroes of a Different Sort

Icy crystals and stinging snow were pelting faces.  Wind whipped the tent covering and howled eerily around the small gathering of mourners. And in the midst of this winter storm on the day after Christmas, a group of octogenerians – all former military members – had volunteered to pay tribute to this deceased Navy man […]