Prints Charming and 1000 Buttons

You’ve heard, of course, of the modern-day charm packs.  Lots of different fabrics that have been cut into 5” x 5” squares and packaged together.  Did you know that this is a modern derivation of the old-fashioned charm quilts where the young seamstress was to have 1000 different fabric squares sewn into the quilt? Charm […]

Why “American Made Brand” Fabric Matters

If you believe in the power of American manufacturing, American business, and the American workforce, you will want to purchase the  new solids from American Made Brand. Ted Hoffman, President of Clothworks, put the whole supply chain in motion, contracting with American farmers not to export their cotton, finding mills and dyers and wrappers that […]

Who Said Backgrounds Have to Be Plain?

This is “News Worthy” in more ways than one: At Spring Market, I noticed a lot of samples that featured backgrounds with words, numbers, texts, and newsprint.  New books flaunt REALLY CUTE patterns that utilize small black and white print fabrics — of either small graphic prints or word and numbers and newsprint, oh my! […]

Never Be Travel-Weary Again!

Check out this fabulous, lightweight bag perfect for stashing under an airplane seat.   It’s called the “Voyager Bag” by Among Brenda’s Quilts.  You can pack LOTS of clothes in it and then easily carry it around. No more  herniated discs from  throwing those suitcases aboard the shuttle bus. No more turning blue in the […]