Prints Charming and 1000 Buttons

You’ve heard, of course, of the modern-day charm packs.  Lots of different fabrics that have been cut into 5” x 5” squares and packaged together.  Did you know that this is a modern derivation of the old-fashioned charm quilts where the young seamstress was to have 1000 different fabric squares sewn into the quilt? Charm […]

The Appeal of Silks

Look at this beautiful silk shop in Beijing, China.  The ancient allure of silks is not so ancient after all, is it? The discovery of silks is said to have been around 3500 BC in China when some peasant women found hard, round, white balls that could not be eaten.  Upon exploration of the balls, […]

A Seamstress’ Bird of Paradise: The Antique Sewing Bird

When you’re on your honeymoon,you might be thinking of the birds and the bees, right?  Well, the birds at least, took on a whole new meaning when Bill and I were traveling in New England on a honeymoon trip.  In a lovely old antique store, under the rosy-colored glow that only a honeymoon can bring, I fell in […]

The Power of Metallic Buttons

I bet you didn’t know that the first uniformed police force in New York city was established in 1844.   Because the uniforms sported large copper buttons, the police became known as “coppers” or “cops.”  (The Button Book by Diana Epstein.)   Who knew the power of buttons could be so great?  And if you want to […]