Saving the Selvages

When I was little, my Mother gave each one of the three Johnson daughters a special word which would help us with a character flaw. My special word was “patience,” a word meant to teach me that I couldn’t always have things as fast as I wanted, when I wanted. (Hum. I believe in previous […]

“Where It All Started. . . and Where It’s Led Me . . . .In Honor of National Quilting Day “

It was in the late seventies when I saw an article in a women’s magazine with a Schoolhouse Quilt Block.  I was young, studying to be a teacher and thought, “That would be a cute wallhanging, perfect for me since I’ll be making a career in education.” My creative urges were strong. Sadly, my skill […]

The Practical Use of a Frog

What to do with a frog?  Kiss it in the hopes a prince will appear.  Put it in your garden for the insect-eating benefits it will bring you. Photograph it and be inspired by the fern green and burnt brown color combo.  Honor it as the inspiration for the unforgettable Kermit. Okay. I’m playing a […]

Garden Color: Inspiration for the Quilter

If you’re a creative soul, you get ideas for projects from everywhere. The world around you is vibrating with energy and possibilities. You may find ideas for color combinations from a sunset, a person on the street, a run to the grocery store, but a trip to the garden is a sure bet for inspiration.  […]

Powerful Pastels

Look at this gorgeous, machine-embroidered quilts created by expert embroiderer, Mary Shroyer.

The Fold and Stitch Wreath

Do this quick project for a lovely decoration for any season or holiday.

The Diva Wallet in Leather

You’ve seen the popular Diva Wallet in all kinds of cotton prints, but consider what it would look like done in real leather and embellished with machine-embroidered designs.

Karen Kay Buckley: Sewing Super Star

Up close and personal with a truly great teacher and quilter, Karen Kay Buckley: The “Perfect” Workshop.

Creativity Breeds Creativity

Being in a group of talented people can inspire you to reach new heights…..

“What the heck?”

Lipstick as a necessary tool for sewing….

Who knew?