Sometimes a quilt just makes you go, “aaahhhh.”

I found this picture on Pinterest of a quilt titled “Perseus Saving Andromeda.”  I have never met the artist, Marilyn Bedford of New York, but I am sure that she is a Sewing Super Star. Okay, maybe I adore this quilt because as a child I was irreversibly influenced by Bilbo Baggins, hobbit-lore, and the fight against Smaug, but it’s an amazing quilt. And I’m not the only one who thinks so.  It was a Viewer’s Choice selection and an Honorable Mention in the Innovative Quilt Category at the World Quilt Show in Palm Beach, Florida in January of this year.   “Aaahhhh.”  Isn’t it amazing? Fiercely beautiful?  Dramatically Dragon-esque? A serpent scene stitched superlatively…….Perseus Saving Adronema by Marilyn Bedford



  1. Wow, and yes…ahhhhh… I cannot think of any other words to justify the creative beauty in this piece.

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