Creativity Breeds Creativity

It happened in the mid 1800’s.  Great ideas, intellect, and innovation came together in a group of writers who fed off of each others thoughts and encouraged each other’s aspirations. From that group, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Margaret Fuller, and Henry Ward Beecher emerged and shook up the literary world.

The same thing happened this weekend in Danville, Illinois  at Threads of Time Creative Sewing and Retreat Center. Greatness inspired greatness. Talent encouraged talent. Creativity bred creativity.  The Indianapolis Doll Club retreated there, and their imagination and talent inspired everyone who saw their creations. This group is a wildly creative, warm-hearted, fun-spirited entity with known names and major talent in the sphere of doll-making. If you’d like to join the club or need more information about their activities, you can check their website at

One look at some of their marvelous projects, and you’ll want to  experiment with color combinations, fine sewing techniques, and unique materials. Fabric, beads, fur, rick-rack, paint, cording, buttons, wool – and more!


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