Inspiration Strikes: The Thrills of Houston Quilt Market

My definition of inspiration: “That fleeting burst of ectasy when hope and artistic vision combine.”  Inspiration swtrikes me every I attend the Houston Quilt Market, the trade show for Quilt Shop Retailers, Long-Arm Quilters, and other professional friends with fabric fetishes like mine. This year’s show had me revved up again.  In addition to the fabulous quilts whose colors and craftsmanship energized and excited me, (more on […]

How My Getting Older Affects My Dress Dummy

When I noticed that my sewing was fitting me like a sausage casing, I took the brave move of re-measuring myself.   In my underwear, with no one to see me but the walls, I cringed as the tape wrapped around me. In the last three years, I gained 3 inches in my middle.  Even though I’m no mathematician, […]

The Joy of Slow Sewing: Why It’s Okay to be a Tortoise

Anyone who knows me knows that I am anything but “quick.”  I am a natural “plodder,” willing to work long and hard, but totally unable to do anything fast. (With the amazing and unbelievable exception of me agreeing to marry Bill after dating him eleven days, I’ve never been able to hurry into anything.)   So imagine […]