The Practical Use of a Frog

What to do with a frog?

  1.  Kiss it in the hopes a prince will appear.
  2.  Put it in your garden for the insect-eating benefits it will bring you.
  3. Photograph it and be inspired by the fern green and burnt brown color combo.
  4.  Honor it as the inspiration for the unforgettable Kermit.

Okay. I’m playing a little. But what about those amazing things called “Flower Frogs.” Flower frogs were one of my beloved dad’s flower arranging tools.  Daddy would place one in the bottom of a Silver Bowl and gently stick rose stems into the holes, fill the bowl with leaves, and then stand back in pleasure. I have a good collection of “frogs” that I look for at flea markets and frequently use for flower arrangements to get the stalks in perfectly aligned. But recently, I discovered another practical use of the “frog.”

A frog now holds my tiny sewing implements. . . scissors, tubes, pencils, rippers, all within easy reach of my machine without taking much room.  Who knew a frog and a sewist could be such friends? 0313170906-1



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