The Colors that Draw You….and Digital Doodling

I don’t know why it is.  I’ve never read any scientific explanation or heard anyone theorize about the peculiar magnetism of certain colors to certain people, but it is a fact.  For some unknown reason,, specific colors appeal to different individuals. When you go shopping, do you always look at garments in a particular color?  Do you find yourself always choosing the same colors over and over?  Is there a group of hues that just makes you feel good?

Conversely, are there colors you just can’t stand?  A color that you NEVER choose?  (If you know why colors attract you or repel you, please chime in!)

My undeniable attraction is to turquoise and teal, and that’s one reason I couldn’t resist buying this fabulous fabric from Red Rooster’s collection called “Root and Fly.”  Check it out at This collection would be beautiful in any quilt, and it would function beautifully in landscape art. (Free shipping to continental United States.)

You know what else is really cool about this fabric?  It’s digitally printed – which I think will be the future of the fabric industry.  With digital printing, the colors are clear and sharp.  Manufacturers can print as much as they need, when they need it.  Patterns can be stored in cyberspace for years.  Check out this whole group whose name, “Root and Fly” refers to both the earth and our roots, and the sky and its freedom.


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