How to Make a Hankie Quilt Happy

Look at this fabulous handkerchief quilt by my friend, Debbie.  I love this quilt, not just because she was so inventive in her placement of handkerchiefs,  but because of the  beautiful, intricate handwork and embellishments.

First, her arrangement of the hankies was done by cutting corners (in a good way!) and then placing multiple corners in one block, giving the quilt charisma.  So many times, people fold the hankies or lay them flat and the arrangements are not as interesting as this one is.

Secondly, she has done such pretty handwork here.  Note the silk ribbons, the embroidery, and the tiny hand-beading.  Way to go, Debbie!

One more reason to appreciate this quilt?  Debbie placed an embroidered quilt label on the back establishing provenance and recording names and dates for the people who will adore this quilt decades from now.

It wasn’t only me who LOVED this quilt.  The judges at the Dewitt County Quilt Show awarded it Best of Show.

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