Never Be Travel-Weary Again!

Check out this fabulous, lightweight bag perfect for stashing under an airplane seat.   It’s called the “Voyager Bag” by Among Brenda’s Quilts.  You can pack LOTS of clothes in it and then easily carry it around. No more  herniated discs from  throwing those suitcases aboard the shuttle bus. No more turning blue in the face from hefting metal-framed suitcases up on escalators or stairs!  The Voyager Bag has got zippered outside pockets on both sides.  Internal pockets allow you to pack jewelry, cosmetics, chargers, or electronics.

Create the bag using any jelly roll you like  to personalize it to your tastes.  You can also choose just one fabric and applique fun shapes on it.  (Swirl designs are included in the pattern.)

I know first-hand just how good this bag is because I carried it on a recent vacation.   Believe me, it’s worth the effort and expense to make it instead of  buying the typical black suitcase!   Check it out at, the online store for Threads of Time.  IMG_0255



  1. Thanks for finally writing aƄout >Nefer Be Travel-Weary Again!
    – It Seams To Mе <Liked it!

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