Platter Potato Salad in a Sewing Blog!

I make no claims to being a great cook.  I’m a decent cook,  although definitely not a baker since I have a tendency to burn things.  However, I do love to entertain.  At the garden party at Threads of Time, people clamored for my potato salad recipe, which I got from a magazine a couple of years ago and have served over and over because of its simplicity and goodness.  There are no specific quantities, and I adjust it as needed for the number of guests.   I call it “Platter Potato Salad.”

Ingredients Needed:  Red-skinned potatoes / Hard-boiled eggs / Green onions / Prepared bacon bits / Ranch Dressing / Salt, Pepper, and Paprika.

1)  Boil red potatoes in accordance with the number of guests and depending on size of potatoes.  My favorite are the tiny red-skinned potatoes, and I allow 4-5 potatoes per person. If using bigger potatoes, plan 1 to 2 potatoes  per person.  Do not peel.

2)  While potatoes are boiling, hard-boil eggs.  I allow 1 egg for every 2 guests, but adjust as desired.

3)  After potatoes are boiled, slice thin and layer on platter.

4)  Pour 2/3 of a bottle of Ranch salad dressing over potatoes.

5)  Sprinkle liberally with peeled, sliced hardboiled eggs, chopped green onions, pre-packed real bacon bits, and season with salt, pepper, and paprika.

6)  Drizzle with remaining salad dressing and serve cold.




Garden Party / Platter Potato Salad



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    Thanks, Missy. You are so kind. Mary Ann Platt

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