The Appeal of Silks

photoLook at this beautiful silk shop in Beijing, China.  The ancient allure of silks is not so ancient after all, is it?

The discovery of silks is said to have been around 3500 BC in China when some peasant women found hard, round, white balls that could not be eaten.  Upon exploration of the balls, the women found worms that spewed fibers.  Since that time, mulberry silk worms have been the producers of one of the most luxurious textiles ever made.

Chinese silks were originally used only for Emperors, but eventually become a highly desired and valuable commodity traded along the ancient Silk Road.  Chinese silks found their way into India and Europe.  Trading of silk was happening as early as 1070 B.C., a fact we know because Chinese silk was found in the tomb of an Egyptian Pharoah from that era.

More than 3000 years after its discovery, silk is still desirable and luxurious, known for its beautiful colors and gorgeous luster.

Many thanks to Jan Adams, a friend and “Time Traveler” at Threads of Time, who sent this remarkable picture and who caused me to be envious of her experiences!

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