Is your quilt laughing?

Is your quilt laughing?  Is it singing  loudly? Whispering, low and sultry or crying loudly for                   attention?   Last January, I was reading an editorial in American Quilter magazine.  Christine Brown, the author and quilt judge, declares that the most important feature of a quilt is its voice.

I had cut out that article and underlined the phrase, thinking the whole time about how quilts communicate.


Imagine my delight when I found a book called “Listen To Your Quilt” by Berbara Persing. This book plays on the same idea that Christine Brown had put forth – that quilts have voices, but Persing takes it a step further.  She says that if you listen to them, you’ll be enlightened with knowing exactly how to quilt them and what designs will be the most complimentary.

If you’re interested in hearing your quilts, check out the book at



  1. Theresa Durst says:

    I know what you mean, I dream about my quilts in the making! Ideas just come!

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