Military Heroes of a Different Sort

iStock_000001885707XSmallIcy crystals and stinging snow were pelting faces.  Wind whipped the tent covering and howled eerily around the small gathering of mourners.

And in the midst of this winter storm on the day after Christmas, a group of octogenerians – all former military members – had volunteered to pay tribute to this deceased Navy man without pay and despite the weather.  It was not the sleet that brought tears to the eyes of the onlookers, but the trumpet-playing of Taps.  It wa not the screaming of the wind that made everyone tear up, but the performance of a 21-gun salute performed by this group of seven military men.

To everyone at that funeral, those volunteers were quiet, meaningful, military heroes.

If you’d like to pay tribute to anyone in the military, no matter what branch or type of service, consider making a quilt or a wallhanging of any one of the various fabrics which pay homage to our armed services. “Military Salute” by Dan Morris is a good start.  Browse the fabrics at


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