Old, Vivid, and Memorable

If you think that all the bright colors are a new occurrence, check out this great vintage quilt I found in an antique shop. It teased me a little when I saw it there, hanging by itself on a white lattice backdrop.  It enticed me to come closer, causing me to break a path through a  bevy of old baskets and numerous tables of Depression glass.  Its graphic design and splash of color lured me closer until I could see it in its glory.  Don’t you just love how the neon yellow and bright tones look against the white background?  Orange and green and purple and black all frolic together. Can you see how I fell for it?  Look at that tight black stitching outlining the pointed fan.  And in the picture, you can’t even see the quilting that spills down through every block.

(I was thinking about how this post could be classified as a “Why Hand is Not a Four-Letter Word” category because the hand-stitching is just as beautiful as the color combo and is half of the craftsmanship of the quilt.  This vintage piece is another reminder that taking the time to do something “by hand” is an integral part of the beauty.)

This quilt reminded me of why I love a crisp white shirt or a long white summer dress.  Cool.  Sophisticated. Classic. Put any color with white, and you’ve got a vivid, memorable look — whether it’s old or modern!


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