The “Hand-Me-Down” and Hand Sewing

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My daughter is now  almost 28 years old, but she had given me one of her old sweaters from her early college days. I loved the color,  and it was a really nice weight, so eight years later, I was still holding onto it.  Taking my trusty, sharp Gingher scissors, I fearlessly cut off the hoodie. (What did I have to lose? It was an old, already-used sweater discarded years ago by my daughter and sitting in a mending pile for eons!)   I folded the new neck edge and hand-stitched it under.  The wristbands also were eliminated and cut into strips 1/2″ to 1″ wide.  I put aside the cord that used to run through the hoodie to tighten it.

Now for the fun.  I rolled strips of the soft wool into flower bud shapes by simply curling the first end of the strip and wrapping it around itself.  The “buds” were stitched by hand onto the sweater form around the neckline wherever I thought they looked good.  The cord from the hoodie was stitched down to look like stems.   The soft fabric was easy to work with and extremely forgiving. The hand-stitching process was extremely easy and fun and done while I was watching television.

An old cast-off is now one of my favorite garments.  Oh what a little hand-sewing can do!


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