Voila! It took longer than expected, but….

I did it in half-hour stints, but I certainly didn’t get to sew a half hour per day…more like a half hour a week.  Nonetheless…

Here’s my fun, funky, re-purposed shirt. Notice that instead of using the cuffs as ties on the front as the Indygo Junction pattern suggests, I used them on the back.  Now, my husband is a big guy and I’m a little woman. (Please note that I didn’t say, “The Little Woman,” as if I’m a diminutive version of a homesteading female,) but Bill’s shirt was way too big. So I put the cuffs on the back, edged them with decorative stitches, and used them to pull the shirt a little tighter.

I love the half-feminine (effect gained by adding lace,) and the half artsy-feel of the shirt.  I’m pairing it with a navy t-shirt, navy leggings, and a cool blue amulet-style necklace.

Isn’t it wonderful what you can do with a little bit of sewing and a bit of imagination?

If you’d like the Indygo Junction pattern “Restyled Shirts,” you can get it at www.threadsoftimefab.com and click on the on-line store.


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