How My Getting Older Affects My Dress Dummy

When I noticed that my sewing was fitting me like a sausage casing, I took the brave move of re-measuring myself.   In my underwear, with no one to see me but the walls, I cringed as the tape wrapped around me. In the last three years, I gained 3 inches in my middle.  Even though I’m no mathematician, I quickly realized that that was one inch per year!

I’m approaching the ripe old age of 54, and I’d heard all the talk about how your body changes as you age. I was totally okay with that until the talk became reality and wrapped around my middle like quilt batting.

So yesterday I bought two exercise videos and apologized as I inflicted my weight changes on Ditto, my true and loyal dress dummy. I was thrilled to bring her home with me because I knew she’d make my sewing so much easier, but oh, is she a visible reminder of my changing shape, a friend who holds me accountable.

Maybe if I wrap a tight belt around my middle, it will seem smaller and hide the growing girth!


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