Why Turquoise Works for Me: Or Skinny-Dipping in the Aegean Sea

It’s true.  I’ve been skinny-dipping in the Aegean Sea….well, almost skinny-dipping.  Two friends and I were swimming far, far out from the shore on a trip through Europe.  The water was a clear, brilliant turquoise. Something came over us, and in contagious wave of uninhibited glee, we all took off our swimsuit bottoms and waved them wildly overhead, laughing hysterically, just to prove – as if on some invisible dare – that we would and we could.  We thumbed our nose at our advancing age, proving that our getting older couldn’t keep us from being wild and carefree.

Three traveling, middle-aged friends on a sun-sparkled day skinny-dipping in the brilliant blue water. . .(You know, it just doesn’t sound the same if I said “three bobbing heads of old women swinging sodden underpants where no one could see them.”)

When I think of that crazy swimming experience, I think of turquoise. Warmth and light and joy.

Can’t you just see this gorgeous, turquoise batik made into a long tunic top?  Can’t you just feel the sun?


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